HMSREG is the leading IT-solution to promote responsible suppliers, fair competition and advancing the effort against social dumping and work-related crime in the building and construction industry.

Supplier in HMSREG

HMSREG is built to help a Main Contractor fulfil their obligations to have the overview over all involved suppliers and secure that all comply with rules and regulations related to a safe workplace and fair competition with responsible suppliers. The system allows the project to define requirements that suppliers must fulfil and comply with through a pre-registration process (föranmälan). The suppliers will have to comply with the requirements throughout the whole project, not only in the registration phase.

HMSREG is a flexible solution for the main Contractor (or builder) to set the necessary requirements through templates and pre-registration processes with the possibility to automate requirement checks. Requirements can be set both to the company and to the personnel that the company will be using for the project.

From the supplier side, an automated process through a portal increases efficiency by possible re-use of information and fast and secure processes. This is especially important when information about personnel is involved and compliance with data protection regulation is an absolute must.

How do I get started as a Supplier?

If you are a subcontractor to a project using HMSREG the Main Contractor will send an invitation email to initiate the pre-registration process. Access is based on the email address of the registered contact person for a project, since many companies will have different persons as contacts for different projects and locations.

When you have successfully registered your site in the portal, you can go back to the invitation email and select the “föranmälan” (pre-registration) link. This will open access to the pre-registration form in the portal. In the future, the form will show in the My Page (Min Sida) part of the portal.

There you will also find more detailed help on the “föranmälan” process and the HMSREG Supplier Portal.


Omega developed HMSREG together with Oslo Municipality as a tool to promote responsible working conditions and fair competition in the building and construction industry. It has become an industry standard as a tool to fight social dumping and work- related crime. HMSREG has given our customers better control over suppliers and crew on each workplace and has helped to follow up contractual clauses to secure fair competition.


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HMSREG is a system developed by  Omega 365 och HMSREG AS. Design: Omega Design.